The FAB&PP Poem of the Month for August 2008

broken segues
timing my tan
closeups of the
beach towel

[the sand
does not

the back bakes
the stomache

behind me just
south of my feet the
ocean plays with
children in the surf

some grown-ups look
on and some engage
and others
shade their eyes

gauging how long
to wait before
packing up
for home
or lunch

i flip and time it
six more songs
smiling through
the music
              the sun
in my hat
the sand fly
        i brush
it away

a small stain
of blood and
      so i
the music and
time and go

days later the small
red welt and
its not unpleasant
itch a
reminder of the sun
and the day

July 4 2007

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