The FAB&PP Poem of the Month for December 2006

Two Poems for December
(subtext: Dylan does Redbone)


i watch and wonder in the
morning light
                    [the fog lifting
the monuments emerging]

when will i rise
and let
           the day lift dissolve
into tomorrow
                      on its own

[the ferry calls into the

when will i abandon a
life narrated
doing start being

sequence without
[the ferry

leaves a wake
against the shore]


trying to float
knowing only how
to swim
thrashing in the

stand up in the
soft sand
              face the
or lie back and
     slip away

    [or face the shore
    again and again
        the sunbathers
    young lovers old

    who knew how
    to float (you think)
    choose the shore

    the loud radios
    and children
    and uncertainty of
    crab shells
    in the sand]

thrash about
steady yourself
wade on against
the moon and tide

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