The FAB&PP Poem of the Month - Diane Memorial

a dionysian companion
to his appolonian
his feline friend
jumps after him
and leaps and
rolls at his feet
in his pants looking
through his legs
for affection

she joins him too
while he writes or

whenever his mind
exhales she rubs his

her dander caught
like a knot of yearning
in his throat

her hairs
tickling inside his
  resting now in his lap
she reads the screen,
rubs her head on the keyboard
wrist rest

and lunges toward
the hinges
on his red

(bites his buttons and
plays her scent glands
through his beard)

purring in appreciation
at the electronic clickety-clack:

the keyboard song

like the smell and effort
of the bathroom
or the alpha-wave repose of
channel surfing

exciting her to contact,
to curiosity and
to love

About 1991 to January 2005

This poem is protected by copyright. You may print it for your own use only; other reproduction, commercial use and/or re-distribution of the poem is prohibited.

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