The FAB&PP Poem of the Month for February 2005

Three Poems in December

the tracks packed
with snow cannot
sing or clang
the train rolls
rumbling along in
as if the cold itself
were a muffler for
all movement
                    as if
forcing us to
as we
wait tramping
on the platform
for this year’s
version of
winter wisdom

and for the train
even its bell is
offset, less
urgent, as it
glides with
just some decorative
and mechanical
moans to
a stop
an upright vacuum
cleaner in the
snow standing on the
proud (or humble)

the drifts accumulate
around it like sleek
dust bunnies
gone berserk
an accumulation worthy
of Satis House itself
overnight on a quiet
Sunday after Christmas

    [a vacuum cleaner
    in the snow
    great expectations

all voices
obtrude against
the numb
silence of the

all conversations
banal pressed
against the privacy
of imagination
and nasal
deep against the
muttering of
withdrawal and
never start
never stop

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