The FAB&PP Poem of the Month for August 2004

lawnmower silence
lets go of the morning
white butterflies of
summer hover in the weeds
of the leaching field
the grey of the old deck
against the faded blue
of the shingles weathered
to identity
the clouds brush the
sky with reality and
a pause in the parade
of sunshine time

white plastic chairs wait
another chapter flips open
on the table the drone
of the banners high
above - small engines at
3000 feet and 30 yards -
a canopy of maple and
tangle of pine to
frame it all

new notes on top of
one mower stops
another pulls and

    [time for a walk on
    the shore wave to the
    gate girls and
    admire the sand

    the babies splashing
    in the seaweed
    the grown-ups
    shaded and serene
    the plovers protected
    and the chattering
    no wind no shirt

    and home to the
    cats resting in the
    bedroom shade
    some music a drink
    a shower and glance
    at the online menu]

time prepares to
start again

and release once more in the
next soft morning
the silence of npr and
rustling breezes
the old cat
puttering around the
only outdoors she
knows taking the
air and out of
the sparrows launch
an attack on the sick
dogwood struggling by the fence
two teams swooping
jumping chattering excited
about something not
in the headlines

a somber robin joins
them perching in the maple
to referee
the cat transfixed at the
edge of the rail
dropping her gaze
only to hack and
hawk working on
her hairball

i get up
the birds and
their cacophony
like time itself
into the morning

July 10-11, 2004

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