The FAB&PP Poem of the Month for November 2002

The Golden Sidewalk

the silent
the accumulation
of litter [and
time] and life
    [a cardboard
    box protects
    them huddled
    against the
    the red gesso
    base the
    leafs in
    a box
    lips pursed
    every detail
    by the
    gold against

    in time]

when we walk
we look up or
or across or
through or
down to
watch our steps
the tread
the wear the
sun shines
high at noon
time slicing
through the
narrow street

the gleaming cracks
a testimony
to the
indifference of our
constructions and
the delight
of our imaginations

the edifice beneath
us crumbles
we shuffle on
the lines the
light the
the dust
the mud the
cigaret butts
in the shallow
vessel of
by a gesture
a gleaming

    [they bend
    to their
    step around

    i stop
    to watch]

October 2002

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