The FAB&PP Poem of the Month for October, 2001

A short poem and two fragments, one of which needs no explanation


the brain pan
full of crackling
fried eggs and

bacon grease
sloshing around

no place to pour
out the fat

the edges of the
eggs are burning
the edges
of the eggs are


sit quietly
and i will
explain to
you ‘the
of red

*The phrase was cited in ‘Harpers Readings’ as a line from Chang Chu, a 13th century Chinese poet, in a selection fron a book by Eliot Weinberger. The phrase was said to have been baffling to everyone who had ever encountered it. Given those sources, you never know... My quick Google search on the quote led nowhere, except to numerous computer gaming sites, parousia rants, and to something from the Duct Tape Press.


the spinning feather
at my
face in the

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