The FAB&PP Poem of the Month for March 2001

he wakes in a fever
half a poem in his
        whose poem
is it
i think

it was a good start
with a [rush] and
an ee cummings
feel for
      inline rhyme]
but only half

the end must suck
i thought
to look it up

then i started
tossing imagining
being 15
              [as i was when
in fact, the poetry
was made]

                 as i am

and how, if i knew then
really what i
would be
                the ending
might not
                have been

but omitted
in favor of a

    for what i was
    for what will come
    for 40 years of writing
    about everything but
    the reality that passes
    at some

love and light
and thoughtful pauses

christmas trees and
poetry itself

pale reflection on the
self of centered
          by all
measures without

a good start
a vacancy in the middle

hope for a better

February 1-25, 2001

note: this is the poem referred to above:

more often than the sometimes song of a bird is love
the nightingales’ fast
the feast of a dove
darker than the summer’s only night
(the ageless fire of the setting sun) whose light
will shine on tomorrow’s today
and never ever go away
as gaily as a maypole’s children run
to the next year’s Christmas tree
and as sadly too as their very own winter


the final end to all the earth
but you and me and that Christmas tree


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