The FAB&PP Poem of the Month for January 2001

(a poem)

sunday morning
6:am slipping in
to the bank for a bit

while the network
slumbers and the
money settles

the big dig
two of us awake

new streets
form in the
morning fog

my roadster
picking through
beeping cranes
as they swoop
above the jersey
for an hour
of excavation

while new microcode
settles in like
the dust around the
glory holes

they put
steel plates
in place and
slide the walls
wrap up
shutdown and
away to
and the cats

and an omelet
and the day

December 4-8, 2000
This poem is protected by copyright. You may print it for your own use only; other reproduction, commercial use and/or re-distribution of the poem is prohibited.

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