The FAB&PP Poem of the Month for May 2000

riding on the
Haight Street bus
with Trevor
and two-bit

              while not
at the
recovering addict
beside me
telling his
friends that it
was time to start

for life rather than

and meaning
perhaps that it
was not
about life
or death but that
it was time to
stop looking

while the stoned
kid with
the brace who
couldn't figure out
his crutches
talked loud to
Trevor and two-bit

and made a scene
the guy next to me
kept talking
about saving himself
his money his friends
and i was
about Dorothy
that afternoon
moved to tears by
a room full of
Japanese baskets
and how i
                at lunch
would not
bend to pick up
a nickel i had

and then the
loud loser
who'd forgotten his
meds got off
with Trevor
and two-bit and
their girlfriend

and then the
recovering guy's
friend, wondering
if he was tired
enough to take
the advice,
and then
the recovering
guy himself

and some of us

this part of our
ride over, got
            dug some
street blues
at Market and Powell
and made our
scene, looking
for the next

San Francisco
March 20, 2000
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