The FAB&PP Poem of the Month for September 1999

two poems on the John Singer Sargent exhibition


whining and whimpering
the sunday crowd finds
its legs adjusts its
    and lines up

with tv at least there's

these people riveted to the
floor in semi-circles
round the pictures
    fiddling with the audio
what do they see
where is their gaze

is this all for the eye or is
the ear the pathway to


the mint green hotel room
    the gorgeous
tussle of luggage in the foreground
    [the frame is better suited to
    the side chair and the roses]

who were these
people other
than rich and
    captured - face
and fashion
whose ego[s] on display

in the corfu garden
where paint edges on
white and real shadows
draw the pose
in creamy disguise above
the lines
    the picture reads

who else can paint light purple

the crocus floating
against the green, the
scarf on lady agnew

    black better than
most [and light] the
venetian ladies at
their beads

Robert Lewis badly hung
in a corner
askance of the crowds
    [his shadow strides
    away glancing
in another city]

his cigarette gaze following
our path

we squeeze through pretty pictures
finally to the somber parade

the talent masked ambition
aspiration leaves the art behind

not much purple left
    at the end

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