The FAB&PP Poem of the Month for September 1998

On Non-Quasars, Dark Matter, and the Cosmology of Relationships
(inspired by an anonymous phrase in The Economist magazine)

'lonely and
companionless' grey
pebbles dot
locally curved space
we're all destined
to become
    accented nutrinos
packed and
sealed now not

blazing solitary
in the pre-past
[but with] nothing
                to devour
not spun up

the monotone of

    while i spy her
    in the morning

    co-orbiting with me
    holding fast that
    distance safe
    aloof and
    essential before
    the melt down

    after breakfast

    wandering through the
    tenement spaces
    raising shades
    greeting skylines

August 10-30. 1998

This poem is protected by copyright. You may print it for your own use only; other reproduction, commercial use and/or re-distribution of the poem is prohibited.

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