The FAB&PP Poem of the Month for May 1998


so we take the measure
and the universe may split in revulsion

and if we merely
observe then still
the act and consequence of observation is the
    we cannot measure or observe
say the wizards and the poet,
without placing some
thing some where and when

and apparently this being
known to be
    a felt reality
instead of cal
    culated potential
is untenable

but in the heart it's possible to be
as still as possible and so
passive that the universe
might ignore the intrusion and not
re-place itself
    [or me]
so I and my
single string could un-
wind unfrayed


if this is what we are
    that all observation
is measurement [that
certainty generates uncertainty anew]
then we must also learn what lovers
    that looking is
    not touching
touching is not seeing

and that while measurement
can shatter time
love joins us

and the shards of ourselves
that tumble through space

    even in the aftermath of
of love [and certainty] can
still exchange
the odd uncertain graviton

April 6-29, 1998
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