The FAB&PP Poem of the Month for June 1997

the jets echoing off the
low spread of clouds
   confirm the coastal
and the deepening
twitter of the birds for
while we sit outside
of time and atmosphere

in human land detatched
missing the details
that the dog (for instance)
probably smell
   why that same dog can't
   seem to figure out
   that the rail tracks
   are not a safe place
   to sniff and
   scamper and why he won't
   at the train bell is
   beyond us all

his paralyzed rear end
twitches but not
at the thought of
another brush with
heavy metal
   the foreboding sky
not impressive
or impassive even
this morning

next morning it's
the pebbles in the
asphalt the train
no bell in deference not
to the later hour
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