The FAB&PP Poem of the Month for August 1996

The computer simulates
death quite
nicely the hidden
language gates the riddles of
its failures with traps and
segments and

I press reset and
the disk light stays
the seeking silence
ominous the screen
as black as my memory
of the last disaster

I hit the big switch and
wait a few (but not enough)
seconds later it comes on
the disk light glares again

no search
       no bootstrap
                the monitor
blinks its yellow light waiting
for a mating call

power down
wait again
be patient
horror on the
next resume the awful sound
the coded beeps
that last meant motherboard

"What is killing
it" I screech
into the afternoon
"Why is it a
Saturday again?"

With resignation I
disassemble, look for wires,
press the chips
prop up the box and
tighten the connectors
shaving plastic from the
one that is a bit off-line

chanting to the
gods I hit the master switch
observe the spinning
fans (all three) and hear
the static crackle of the
monitor, incredulous,
I stare; the
glowing phosphors
revealing text
and memory
once more alive

"Previous re-boot incomplete,
press F2 for setup"

I choose F1

July 27, 1996

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